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Michael De Groote, “Joseph Smith becoming the seer stone” Deseret News, Aug. 30, 2009

Joseph Smith small

Richard Neitzel Holzapfel was amazed at how often Joseph Smith was identified as “the Seer” in John Whitmer’s record of the early history of the LDS Church. Whitmer wrote the record from 1831 to 1838. Holzapfel read the book to prepare for a class he was teaching at BYU’s Campus Education Week.

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Surrender in order to Conquer

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H. Wallace Goddard, “Surrender in order to Conquer” Meridian Magazine

H Wallace Goddard

H. Wallace Goddard is a son, a husband, a dad, and a grandpa. He works as a Family Life Specialist for the University of Arkansas Extension Service in Little Rock and has written several books and programs including The Frightful and Joyous Journey of Family Life (Bookcraft) and Principles of Parenting (Alabama Cooperative Extension System). He claims to be living proof that a person who makes lots of mistakes can still be blessed with joy beyond any deserving.

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Callings in the Church

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“In The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one takes the place to which one is duly called, which place one neither seeks nor declines”

J. Reuben Clark

“What a wonderful thing is death, really, when all is said and done.  It is the great reliever.  It is a majestic, quiet passing on from this life to another life, a better life.  We go to a place where we will not suffer as we have suffered here, but there will continue to grow, accumulating knowledge and developing and being useful under the plan of the Almighty made possible through the atonement of the Son of God.”

Gordon B. Hinckley

James T. Summerhays, “Top CIA Exec is New Convert, Tells Story”, Meridian Magazine

Stephanie Smith

Stephanie Smith received an MPA at Harvard University and worked her way up in the CIA to become Director of Support, managing the largest directorate in the organization. For 25 years she was at the highest level of the senior executive cadre managing intelligence, public diplomacy and defense —but for Stephanie, something was missing.

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