“How do you know the Book of Mormon comes from God?”,Excerpt from aboutthemormons.com

Preston wrote a comment on December 15, 2008

Well, it’s pretty simple. I asked Him. I asked God if the book of Mormon was true or if it was a fake. If you think that God doesn’t answer prayers, you are very wrong. He answered me by filling my heart with joy and happiness. This was the way I knew the Book of Mormon is true. You can ask Him too. Just read it, even just a little of it and then ask Him. He’ll answer.

Eric Strom wrote a comment on December 15, 2008

There is only one way to know if the book of mormon is from god. That is to ask god him self. He is our Heavenly Father. He loves us. Just like you ask your parents Questions in search of Awswers. You can do the same with god. At the end of the Book of Mormon the last author Moroni says this “And when ye shall receive these things, I would exhort you that ye should pray and ask God the Eternal Father in the name of christ if these things are not true; and if ye shall ask with a sincere heart with real intent having faith in Christ, he shall manifest the truth of it unto you, by the power if the holy ghost.”
I promise you if you pray really wanting to know if the Book of mormon is of god. And you ask. You will get an answer.

Brian wrote a comment on December 16, 2008

I don’t bare my testimony much, but when I saw this, I really just wanted to share how I know. There is only one way to know if the Book of Mormon comes from God, we have to ask God himself. When I was about seven years old, my sunday school teacher, Brother Guilliam, told us that the book of mormon was true and all we had to do was pray about it. I was a very restless kid, didn’t think much about anything in life. I pretty much ran around in circles till I couldn’t run anymore. But when I heard that I could know for myself, I had an overwhelming desire to want to know for myself. So once I got home from church, I went into my room. I knelt down and offered a prayer to My Heavenly Father. I asked him if the Book of Mormon was true. And the moment the thought entered my mind, I was rushed with a feeling of love, comfort and joy. My prayer was answered. The Book of Mormon is true, and I know that anyone can find out for themselves if they will open their heart to the promptings of the spirit. I am so thankful that my teacher shared this with a seven year old boy. It is the reason I have become who I am today

Felis H wrote a comment on December 17, 2008

To be frank, I just know. I’ve never doubted the Book of Mormon because I know that it is true. I’m a history major, and the fact that I can compare what is written in the Book or Mormon to what is written in history just further edifies the fact that it’s true. I know that everything written in that book is written for a reason and can be applied to everyday living. It’s like a handbook to life, you just have to read, apply, and have faith.

Elder Eric James Martin wrote a comment on December 18, 2008

Through divine revelation from the Spirit of God to my spirit and by no other way.

Rachel Miranda wrote a comment on December 21, 2008 “>

I always thought it was true having been raised in the church and baptized at age 8. My own conversion did not happen until I was in the MTC preparing to go to Argentina. I had been practicing teaching certain gospel principles (Joseph Smith, prophets, Book of Mormon, etc) and our teacher invited us to pray about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon. Up to that point in my life, I had never prayed and asked God for myself if the Book of Mormon was true or not. I felt it was true and never doubted it. Anyways, I wanted to pray and know for myself. I prayed for several days and got the answer in class later that week as I was teaching/testifying of the Book of Mormon. I will never forget what I felt – it was peace and joy. My spirit was enlightened; God answered my prayer. I continue to receive revelation as I read it that it is a true book. Joseph Smith did translate the gold plates with the power of God and we are so blessed to have it today to guide us in these latter days and perilous times.

Tyler Andersen wrote a comment on December 24, 2008

I know the Book of Mormon comes from God for many reasons. One, I have read the book in its entirety and from a neutral point of view, I can honestly say the Book of Mormon could not have come about were in not by the inspiration and power of God, through His Prophet, Joseph Smith. External evidences, such as the discovery of “Nahom” a place mentioned in the Book of Mormon as being somewhere in the Arabian desert and it actually being found validate these believes I have, but those came after I already believed. Uto-Aztecan language links to Hebraic and Semitic languages are other good examples.

Rebecca wrote a comment on December 28, 2008

A few years ago, I made a resolution to read the entire Book of Mormon. When I finished, I decided take the invitation written near the end in Moroni: to ask God with a sincere heart, with real intent, having faith in Christ. I got on my knees and prayed to God, probably more sincerely then I ever have in my life. A warming, comforting feeling surrounded me, almost like God was wrapping his arms around me. I felt happy, enlightened, peaceful, and emotional all at the same time. God answered my prayer, as insignificant as I was. I knew from that point on that the Book of Mormon was true, and I could not deny it. Now every time I read it, I get that same feeling of joy and peace that the book comes from God. That is how I know. God revealed it to me through his spirit.

Kirill Klimov wrote a comment on January 4, 2009

I was asking to God to know if the Book of Mormon is true. And God has answered me. He said “Yes” by gentle voice of Holy Ghost.

Ryan White wrote a comment on January 7, 2009

Number one I have read it and things that are in the Book of Mormon apply to me today. I learn how I can be a better Christian and while I read it the Holy Ghost testifies to me that it is true. Just by reading I feel peace, love, happiness which are feelings that come from the Holy Ghost who testifies the truth.
Number two I have prayed to know if the Book of Mormon is true. I can’t explain in words but I know that the Holy Ghost testified to me that this Book is true. I love the Book of Mormon and I know it helps us to draw closer to Jesus Christ and our Father in Heaven. I know that anyone can pray to know if the Book of Mormon is true because Heavenly Father loves all of his children and he wants his children to know the truth!

melinda wrote a comment on January 8, 2009

Do you think God got the bible wrong the first time?

admin wrote a comment on January 8, 2009

That’s a great question, Melinda. What most people don’t understand about the Book of Mormon is that it doesn’t actually replace the Bible. We, as members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, believe equally in both the Bible and the Book of Mormon.

The Book of Mormon is similar to the Bible and they support one another but in no regards does the Book of Mormon try to replace the Bible or its teachings.

Lee Brent wrote a comment on February 1, 2009

I always believed in the power of prayer. It really is quite simple as pointed out by Preston. Sometimes, it seems irrational to talk to an unseen being and expect an answer back. To a natural man who has little faith in God, it would seem a little bit odd and some would think it’s crazy. But if you do believe in God and have faith in Him, it is time to put that faith into the test of asking Him whether the Book of Mormon is of Him. It took me a lot of courage, faith, prayers, and desire before I came to know that the Book of Mormon was indeed from God. I had my doubts, but God did answer my prayers. I felt peace and a loving assurance that it is indeed true. And I knew that it was from the Holy Ghost, the testifier of all truth. We are all entitled to answers to our questions. It’s just a matter of turning faith into action, acting on that desire we have in our hearts.

Patrick Alejandro wrote a comment on February 1, 2009

How amazing it is that this particular question was already answered by a prophet-warrior named Moroni almost 1,500 years ago. He proclaimed that if we want to know if the Book of Mormon is true, SEARCH its pages, PONDER on them, and ASK GOD if it is true.

These 3 steps will surely answer our every humble desire to know if the Book of Mormon is true.

Teri wrote a comment on February 2, 2009

I grew up in the church, although we were the only Mormons in town. We were not what you called “actively involved” in the church. We were in a town in Mexico, and hence I grew up also attending mass and other services in the Catholic church. I even taught catechism to younger kids when I was in elementary school. However, all my live I felt a force within me “communicating” with me that the things I learned through the Mormon church were true. I could “feel” the whisperings of the Spirit in my heart and in my mind, and I simply just KNEW that this was the true church. However, when I got to be a teen, I rebelled, I lost my way, I was completely inactive and wanted nothing more to do with God. Luckily, the Lord has a way of watching out for us and helping us along the way. I was reactivated when I was 19 and by the time I was 20 I wanted to REALLY know for myself, once and for all, whether or not this church was “TRUE”.  I had heard it all my life, but I had never taken the time to study it out, and pray about it myself – just between God and me – no one else. I knew that I could never go on and be fully active unless God Himself made it manifest to me that yes, indeed, this was HIS church on earth. I knew that all the other churches taught part of the gospel of Christ, they all had something good to share. But I also knew that if God had a Church on earth, that church would contain all the truths, not part of them. I knew that His true church would somehow not “argue” about doctrine and try to bash other churches, as I have personally experienced the Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Disciples of Christ, First Christian Church, and Methodist churches doing. If they all read the Lord’s Bible – how could they possible interpret it so differently. Each Church having their own theology and “training” for their ministers. If God’s word is true, in the Bible, then the churches should not be differing on its meaning and interpretation. But differ they do. Just as Joseph Smith Jr. experienced, I have experienced.

So…. I took it upon myself to read the Book of Mormon all the way through for the first time in my life. At the same time, i was attending a “Religions of the world” class in college. After weeks of studying the scriptures, fasting and praying, I arrived in class one day to find that the professor had a movie for us to watch that day. it was a movie I had never seen before in my life. It was “The First Vision”, an LDS movie put out by the Church. As I sat in the back of the room watching this movie, I cannot describe the feeling and depth of the way the Holy Ghost burned it into my soul at that very moment that what I was watching on the screen had, indeed, taken place in reality and had truly occurred, just as Joseph Smith Jr. had described. I knew in the depth of my soul – by a heavenly manifestation- that Joseph Smith Jr. was, indeed, a true prophet of God. And I knew instinctively that, that being true, all the other things I have learned about and been taught about the Gospel and about the Mormon church, were also true. I walked out of that classroom in what seemed like a cloud of exultation. I couldn’t talk, I couldn’t walk, I simply stood propped against the hallway wall and cried. My heart wanted to scream out to the world “It’s TRUE! It’s TRUE!!! It’s ALL TRUE!!!” I knew for myself…. between God and me…. that this is in fact HIs true and only authorized Church upon the earth. I knew it holds the power and authority of the Holy Priesthood, in order to run the affairs of the Kingdom of God upon the earth and to perform and ordinances that are essential to all of humanity’s eternal life!

What a glorious day that was! Words cannot describe how the Spirit speaks to man. To say the feelings and thoughts and whispers rush into one’s mind and heart and seems to “brand” the message into your very DNA is nothing compared to the experience of having the Holy Ghost TESTIFY to your entire soul that this particular message is true.

But that is exactly what happened to me that day… and I shall never forget it for as long as I live.

I am so thankful for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I pray I may be a good example to the world, that I may be able to speak up and share the Good News with my brothers and sisters in this world who are walking about, looking for that eternal truth, and not knowing where to find it.

God bless us all in our search for that Happiness.

I share this with you, the world, in the name of our Redeemer, even Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten of the Father…. Amen.

John wrote a comment on February 26, 2009

Well I know it is true- How do I know? Well about the age of 19 I decided the entire church was a fabrication- I was a frequent visitor to the anti mormon sites- And pretty soon the most simple gospel concepts were lost to me.

Suddenly free from rules and regulations- I proceeded to do every single thing I have ever been taught not to do. In short order I dug myself into a hole so deep I thought to myself even if there is a God not even he can’t get me out of this…

I did everything I wasn’t supposed to, and distanced myself from God as much as possible. Then when I was at the lowest point any man can be at, I cried, knelt down on my knees and asked God to save me from the mess I put myself in-

In utter amazement when I was done praying I was perfectly fine. I can’t explain how much of a miracle it was since I can’t really explain the utter mental agony I was in. Alma the younger is really the only comparison I can give.

I went from being in a hell I thought I was never coming out of, to complete peace of mind. People that say miracles don’t happen any more, well they do I have experienced them.