Ole A. Jensen, “Martin Harris’s Testimony of the Book of Mormon” Excerpt from ancestry.com

Recorded by Ole A. Jensen
July 1875 in Clarkston, Utah

martin-harrisOne morning in July I thought I would go to see Brother Harris.  He lived about three blocks from my home and I had heard that he was not well.  People were coming from far and near to see him and hear his testimony.

When I arrived I found two other men present — Brother James Joseph Keep and Brother John Godfrey.  Brother Harris lay in bed resting on his elbow.    “How are you Brother Harris?” I asked. “Oh, pretty well” he replied.

 “We came to hear your testimony of the Book of Mormon,” I said.  He raised up and said, “Yes, I wish I could make the whole world hear my Testimony.”  He stretched out his arm and said, “Brothers I believe there is an angel here to hear what I am going to say to you and you will never forget what I say.”

 “The Prophet Joseph Smith, Oliver Cowdery, David Whitmer and myself went into a small grove to pray to obtain a promise that we should behold with our own eyes that we could testify to the whole world.  At length the angel stood before Oliver and David with the plates in his hand.  I had gone a little apart to pray, and in my desperation I asked the prophet to kneel and pray with me.  He did so and immediately the angel stood before me and said, “LOOK.”  When I glanced at him I fell to the ground but immediately got up and saw the angel turn the leaves of the golden plates over and I said, “IT IS ENOUGH MY LORD AND MY GOD.”  I then heard the voice of God say, “THE BOOK OF MORMON IS TRUE AND TRANSLATED CORRECTLY.”

Brother Harris then turned over as if he had no more to say and we made ready to leave.  He spoke again and said, “I will tell you of the most wonderful thing that happened, after Joseph received the plates.  Three of us, myself and two more, took some tools and went to the hill to dig for more plates of gold or something and indeed we found a stone box.  We got quite excited and dug around it very carefully and just when we were ready to lift it up out of the hole, some unseen power slid it back into the hill.  We stood and looked at it and one of us tried to drive a crowbar through the lid to hold it, but the crowbar glanced off and the corner of the lid was chipped off.

Sometime that box will be found and you will find one corner of the lid broken and you will know that I have spoken the truth.  Brother’s just as sure as you are standing here and see me, just so sure did we see the Angel with the golden plates in his hand.  He showed them to me and I promised I would bear witness of this truth both here and hereafter.”

His lips really trembled and tears came to my eyes.  I should have liked to ask more, but did not do so. I refreshed myself, shook hands, thanked him and left.

When I think of the day I stood before Martin Harris and saw him stretch forth his hand, raise his voice and bear his testimony, the feeling that thrilled my whole being, I can never forget or express the joy that filled my whole being

Signed as Witnesses:                                  
Clarkston Utah                             
  July 1875                        
 Ole A. Jensen                                                  
 James Joseph Keep
 John Godfrey