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David E. Sorensen, “Place the Book of Mormon in Your Heart — Not on Your Bookshelf” Excerpt from

David E. Sorensen was a member of the Presidency of the Seventy of
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints when this devotional
address was given at Brigham Young University on 19 March 2002.

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Testimony of Eight Witnesses

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Preston Nibley, “Witnesses of the Book of Mormon” Excerpt from

Life, Character and Testimonies of The Eight Witnesses to the Book of Mormon And Other Statements and Testimonies Relating To the Book of Mormon


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Neil L. Andersen, “The Book of Mormon” Ensign, Jan 2008, 34-39


We need only approach the Book of Mormon prayerfully and with faith, and the Savior’s peace will permeate our searching.

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A Treasured Testament

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Russell M. Nelson, “A Treasured Testament” Ensign, July 1993, 61


The Book of Mormon stands as another testament of Jesus Christ. The power of its message will transform the lives of all who earnestly study its precious pages. Its very reality is an inspiring fact.

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“Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon” Excerpt from

The Challenge of the “Book of Mormon”

If one scoffs at the explanation of the Book of Mormon, he is in so many words claiming it to be false: that it is a deceiving fraud formulated through the efforts and talents of a common man. Occasionally you hear someone say, “I could believe your Mormon Doctrine if I just didn’t have to swallow the story about Joseph Smith being a man of God and that he translated the Book of Mormon from some golden plates with he claimed he found on a hillside.” It is even possible that you, yourself, have doubted the story. 

What can be or is produced by one man, can always be duplicated by another man. The challenge the Book of Mormon makes to the world is that of duplication. Well, let us consider some facts or conditions that must be complied with in order for you or any one else to produce a similar record under comparable conditions. Because the book complies with everyone of the following conditions, and in order for you to produce a similar record, you must comply with the same conditions:  Read the rest of this entry »