Devyn S., “Primary Builds My Testimony” Excerpt from

Yesterday, I was teaching my 8-10 year old Primary class about the 3 witnesses and the 8 witnesses to the Book of Mormon. We talked about the importance of witnesses which they all agreed was critical for Joseph Smith. We also talked about the witnesses that eventually left the Church – usually over disagreements with Joseph Smith. I then asked them how many of the witnesses recanted their story about seeing the plates. The students matter of factly said “none”. I asked why? Why wouldn’t these men recant their story when they stood to benefit while also able to do tremendous harm to this religion that they no longer accepted? The students answer was simple – “They were afraid of God”. Not sure any other answer is warranted beyond that.

This reminded me of one reason why I intellectually have to believe the Book of Mormon was translated by Joseph Smith. This is in addition to the spiritual manifestations I have received of the Book of Mormon. This is why I love Primary!